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Simple Stretches to Decrease Neck Pain and Improve Mobility

Simple Stretches to Help Control and Prevent Neck Pain

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Do you experience neck pain?  Well, you are not alone.  Many of us hold tension in our neck from the stress of daily life. Some of us work at jobs that require long hours at a computer which leads to muscular tightness in the neck from habitually poor posture.  There are others who have experienced an injury (like a car accident) that has left them with ongoing neck pain.  Whatever group you fall into, these simple stretches can help control your neck pain.

Beginning Stretches for Neck Pain:

More Advanced Stretches for Neck Pain:

Always listen to your neck when stretching.  If pain increases, back off.  You want to lightly bump into neck pain when stretching, not plow through.

Also, remember that stretching to improve ROM takes time, so be consistent and you will begin to decrease muscle tension, decrease neck pain, and improve your mobility.

Bonus Neck Pain Stretching Tip:

Perform these stretches in the shower when your muscle are warm and loose!  Great way to start your day off or to end your day by decreasing your neck pain.

Life Begins When Pain Ends!

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  1. David,

    Thanks for sharing these awesome stretches. I frequently suffer from neck (and back!) pain from sitting at a computer all day with poor posture.I will be testing these out!

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Life Begins When Pain ENDS!

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